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If you’re managing phenylketonuria (PKU) or another condition by following a low protein diet, the right nutrition can help you stay healthy and get the most out of life. We call it feeding your possible.

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Low Protein Recipes

Low Protein Recipes

Low protein diets can be delicious!
Feed Your Possible with our low protein recipes.

Featured Low Protein Recipes

Low Protein Butternut Pumpkin Stroganoff
Butternut Pumpkin Stroganoff
Fruit Crumbles
Fruit Crumbles
Vegetable Lasagne

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Low Protein Foods

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Get inspiration from the community
Get inspired by stories, tips and information from other people in the PKU and low protein communities.
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Connect with the #feedyourpossible community
Embrace the tropical paradise with our mouthwatering Lophlex LQ Pina Colada recipe, featuring the delightful flavors of PKU Lophlex LQ 20 Juicy Tropical/Berries! 🍹🌴 <https://shorturl.at/aftFS>

#feedyourpossible #PKU #phenylketonuria #lowprotein #pkulife #pkurecipes
Grab some lockdown inspiration from Mal - one of our PKU ambassadors who is apart of the PKU community. See how Mal feeds her possible. See the link in bio to see the full story/visit the website.

#feedyourpossible #PKU #phenylketonuria #lowprotein #pkulife
Elevate your baking game this week with our delectable Sticky Date Pudding for an unforgettable treat🍮✨ https://rb.gy/tn8tx
#feedyourpossible #PKU #phenylketonuria #lowprotein #pkulife #pkurecipes
Alex hasn't let  #PKU slow him down. He's truly a force of nature. Get inspired to #feedyourpossible by checking out his story at the link in our bio. #feedyourpossible  #phenylketonuria #lowprotein #pkulife #pkurecipes #lowproteinconnect
Discover the irresistible magic of Carrot and Bok Choy Risotto featuring the incredible Loprofin Rice! 🥕🥬🍚 <https://rb.gy/2b0zd>
#feedyourpossible #PKU #phenylketonuria #lowprotein #pkulife #pkurecipes
Indulge in the Ultimate Plant-Powered Delight with PKU Friendly Veggie Burgers! 🌱💚https://rb.gy/e4dof #feedyourpossible #PKU #phenylketonuria #lowprotein #pkulife #pkurecipes
😊Start your new week with  the tantalizing flavors of our Tropical Ginger Berry Fizz - a refreshing sensation that will transport your taste buds to paradise! 🍹 https://rb.gy/sqt6o #feedyourpossible #PKU #phenylketonuria #lowprotein #pkulife #pkurecipes
Nutricia metabolic team used Danone AU annual company conference on 24th May to shed light on people with PKU and IEM's through The Great Protein Challenge, highlighting the dietary management and what 10g of protein per day would look like. We got interest from many other people working in different Danone functions who will join us this week to undertake The Great Protein Challenge! Renee our Nutricia metabolic expert dietitian will help them to create a one-day menu 😊
Metabolic Dietary Disorders Association  @MDDA 

#feedyourpossible #mdda #thegreatproteinchallenge2022
#lowprotein #PKU #phenylketonuria  #pkulife #pkurecipes
🌱 Calling all foodies and PKU-friendly chefs! 🍲👩‍🍳 Share the love for Nutricia products by sharing your most beloved PKU-friendly recipes below. Let's create a delicious community cookbook together! 
Mention us @lowproteinconnectANZ 📚📣 So we will share on our platforms with all credits back to you! 🏆🎉
 #feedyourpossible #PKU #phenylketonuria #lowprotein #pkulife #pkurecipes
Haven't entered yet?  Register on lowproteinconnect.com.au submit your original Loprofin* low protein recipe with recipe photo via Recipe Hub.

T&Cs apply.
#feedyourpossible #PKU #phenylketonuria #lowprotein #pkulife
Want 2022 to be your best year yet? Visit bit.ly/3zswV5G for helpful tips, inspiring stories and delicious recipes to shake up your routine and #feedyourpossible

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Deliciously Fluffy and Irresistible: Dive into the Perfect PKU Pancake Recipe this weekend!🥞🍴https://rb.gy/w7xlm #feedyourpossible#PKU #phenylketonuria #lowprotein #pkulife #pkurecipes
Quench your thirst with the tantalizing Orange Chiller! 💥 Try this zesty recipe featuring the invigorating flavors of Lophlex LQ 20 Juicy Orange! 🍊✨ https://lowproteinconnect.com.au/recipe/orange-chiller/ 
#feedyourpossible #PKU #phenylketonuria #lowprotein #pkulife #pkurecipes
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