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Category: Adults

Article 6 Going on holiday
Mar 16, 2021
Whether you are going away for a short local break or travelling overseas, with a little organisation and forward planning there is nothing to stop you from having a great holiday. Adults Featured Parents
Article 2 Controlling your weight
Mar 11, 2021
Like the general population, people with PKU come in all shapes and sizes. Some people with PKU may have problems keeping weight on, while others, particularly if they are not very active, may need to manage their diet to prevent becoming overweight. The choice of your PKU supplement contributes to your overall daily calorie intake, but what you eat is just as important. Before you make any changes to your diet please check with your PKU dietitian. Adults
Article 3 PKU and Pregnancy
Mar 11, 2021
Women with PKU have to take particular care before and during pregnancy. This is because high levels of phenylalanine (Phe) in the mother can affect the unborn baby leading to heart and brain abnormalities and many other serious problems. Fortunately, if Phe levels are well controlled during pregnancy, there is no reason why any woman with PKU should not be able to have a healthy baby. Adults New Parents
Article 4 Alcohol Advice
Mar 11, 2021
Some alcoholic drinks such as those that contain milk, egg or cream contain protein and therefore phenylalanine (Phe) e.g. If you choose to have these drinks you must count them in the usual way Adults Teens
Article 5 Restaurant Food Guides
Mar 11, 2021
If you are able to bring your own low protein pizza or pasta, Italian can be a good option for eating out on a PKU diet. Adults Teens

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