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Category: Parents

Nov 17, 2021
Soon after I was born, my initial heel-prick blood test, diagnosed me with PKU- a metabolic disorder unfamiliar to my mum and dad. Adults Featured Parents Teens
Article 13 The Anamix 6 Family
Mar 16, 2021
The Anamix 6 Family are the official friends of the PKU Anamix Junior Range, protein supplements developed specifically for children. Parents
Article 12 Childrens birthday parties
Mar 16, 2021
Birthday parties can sometimes be a concern for parents who have a child with PKU. You don’t want them to feel ‘different’ or left out. However with a little planning, there is no reason why your child cannot enjoy low protein party treats and have as much fun as everyone else. Parents
Article 11 Starting school
Mar 16, 2021
School is a time of excitement and nerves for every child and their parents. If you are a parent of a child with PKU, pre-planning and good communication between your family, school and if necessary your metabolic healthcare professional team, can allow your child to easily settle into school life. Parents
Article 10 Following a low protein diet
Mar 16, 2021
Your child’s diet should include a variety of fruits and vegetables, as well as low protein grains, cereals, bread, pasta and crackers. It is important to educate your child about the importance of their PKU diet from an early age so that they are aware of what they can and can’t eat and can also let other people know. Although Phe levels need to be kept in range it is also important to ensure your child gets enough nutrition and energy to meet their growing needs. Parents
Telling your child about PKU
Mar 16, 2021
Before your child is old enough to manage their PKU themselves, it is valuable to get them to begin to better understand their diet and treatment. The following tips may be helpful when speaking with your child about PKU. Parents
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