Introducing the Anamix 6 family

Article 13 The Anamix 6 Family

The Anamix 6 are the very best of friends and they want to remind children with PKU why it is so important to stick to their special diet and how it can help them grow up to be healthy and active!

Meet the Family!

Big Eye wants to remind you how important it is to look after your eyes, so you can see far, far away.

With his amazing eye sight, Big Eye loves to explore. He is the navigator of the group and hovers above the Anamix 6 to spot all kinds of exciting things to do. Funny and lovable, Big Eye loves reading joke books.

Special skills: seeing things up to 100km away!
Hobbies: blinking, going on expeditions and collecting souvenirs

Brains is really clever, he knows that keeping to your special diet will help your brain work well and help you concentrate.

By name and by nature, Brains is the brainiest of the Anamix 6.
A thoughtful thinker and reliable friend, Brains thinks of all sorts of cool things the Anamix Family can do together, like racing each other to the Moon on space hoppers! Brains is also a bit of a sporting super star and holds a number of Egg and Spoon race records!

Special skills: solving puzzles whilst doing somersaults
Hobbies: reading, thinking and inventing

Megabyte knows you must look after your teeth, and reminds us to brush our teeth at least twice a day.

A mega mouth with a mega smile! Megabyte LOVES to eat and has the strongest, whitest teeth of all the Anamix 6. He is very proud of his pearly whites which shine when he smiles. Megabyte has a huge appetite and whips up tasty food with the whiz of a whisk! He is constantly on the lookout for his next tasty nibble.

Special skills: culinary wizardry in the Anamix 6 kitchen
Hobbies: cleaning his teeth and slurping soup

Bones wants to remind you how having a healthy diet is important to keep your bones strong!

As a super gentle giant, Bones has the longest and strongest arms of all the Anamix 6! He loves adventure parks and climbing and can often be seen hanging upside down from anything you can hang upside down from.

Special skills: hopping on one leg while juggling water balloons
Hobbies: doing cart wheels and hanging upside down

The little Omega Twins show that omega 3 and 6 fats are important in your special diet and it is really good to have them around.

Omega 3 is adventurous and lively, he loves Hide and Seek even though Big Eye always wins. Omega 3 loves to giggle and is always up to mischief!

Omega 6 loves playing jokes on the rest of the Anamix 6, especially Bones! Omega 6 is quick-witted and crafty and is always the mastermind behind the silly jokes the twins play on the rest of the gang.

Special skills: hiding and tickling
Hobbies: playing jokes and dressing up

Join the Anamix 6 in their adventures in their story book and activity book!

For more information on the PKU Anamix Junior product range, please visit the PKU Anamix Junior product page.

The PKU Anamix Junior range are foods for special medical purposes, for the dietary management of phenylketonuria; only to be used under medical supervision.

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