PKU and baby foods

During your baby’s first few months they get all the nutrition and Phe they need from breast milk and/or infant formula and their PKU formula. From around 6 months your baby will move onto the next stage of feeding, when solid foods are introduced.

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Article 15 Managing your baby's PKU

Managing your baby’s PKU

Managing your baby’s PKU can be challenging and initially there will be many things you need to learn and understand. Your dietitian and others who have been through the same experiences will be a great support to you during this time.

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Article 14 My Baby's PKU

Babies with PKU

Finding out your baby has been diagnosed with PKU is likely to be an emotional and overwhelming time for parents. The important thing to remember is that children with PKU treated appropriately from early infancy are able to live normal, healthy lives.

Learning about the condition and speaking to other PKU families can be a great support and a very useful source of information.
Always consult with your baby’s doctor and dietitian and other healthcare professionals as they will be a great support throughout the development of your child.

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Article 12 Childrens birthday parties

A PKU birthday party

Birthday parties can sometimes be a concern for parents who have a child with PKU. You don’t want them to feel ‘different’ or left out. However with a little planning, there is no reason why your child cannot enjoy low protein party treats and have as much fun as everyone else.

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Article 11 Starting school

Starting School with PKU

School is a time of excitement and nerves for every child and their parents. If you are a parent of a child with PKU, pre-planning and good communication between your family, school and if necessary your metabolic healthcare professional team, can allow your child to easily settle into school life.

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