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Hi! My name is Alex McConnell and I’ve been living with PKU for 23 years. I’m a Sydney boy and have grown up striving to challenge myself in as many opportunities as I can. I am passionate about music, sport and photography and have taken part in programs such as Army Cadets, Sydney Swans Academy AFL and multiple courses in study beyond high school. I am currently enrolled in a Bachelor of Arts and Education and have completed a Diploma of Photography through which I worked in the industry as a freelance and assistant for 12 months. I don’t see PKU as a disability, it is a part of me that I embrace. I look forward to sharing my experiences as someone living with PKU and hope some of the things I say can provide peace and guidance for you on your journey!
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Kate Buckland is a PKU adult, personal trainer, sports nutritionist, riding instructor and freelance journalist. She is in her late 30s and the mother of two beautiful non PKU girls. Originally from Queensland, Kate spent 14 years living in England in her 20s and 30s, and enjoys sharing her unique perspective on PKU that has come from living in two countries with different treatment regimes. In her spare time, Kate enjoys training and competing in Equestrian sports, and has taken her first steps into breeding performance horses. She also loves stand up paddle boarding and going on adventures with her dog, Indi.
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My name is Malany Turner, I usually go by Mal and I’m 30 years old. I currently live in South Auckland in New Zealand, with my boyfriend and my 7yr old cat. My interests include swimming and gym classes, reading, coffee, photography, arts, and crafts and of course helping to advocate for PKU and other Rare conditions. I also love a good Netflix session, and am currently making my way through all of Star Trek! I’m pretty into social media and as well but more because it ties in with some of my interests above.
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