Low Protein foods

Low Protein Connect offers a variety of low protein food options, including low protein pasta, low protein rice and low protein flour. All of the options in this range are suitable for PKU patients and provide the flexibility to enjoy a variety of foods. The choices in this selection can help to keep life exciting for those who follow a low protein diet.

What are low protein foods?

Low protein foods are necessary for people following a diet that requires low protein intake. Someone may need to follow a low protein diet if they suffer from a kidney-related disorder, impaired liver function or poor protein metabolism. People who have phenylketonuria (PKU) also need to follow a low protein diet. Some examples of low protein foods include most fruits and vegetables, soup, and sauces.Many high protein foods, such as rice and pasta, are also available as low protein alternatives.

Why should I eat low protein foods?

People with specific metabolic conditions must follow a low protein diet. Genetic disorders such as PKU make it difficult for the body to break down certain amino acids, so a low protein diet is required to reduce symptoms.

What kind of low protein foods are there?

There are a variety of low protein foods for meals ranging from breakfast to dessert. In a typical PKU low protein diet, there are:

A typical low protein breakfast may consist of fruits like apples, grapes and peaches or grains like oats or bread. Most fruits are very low in protein, but dried fruits and some fresh fruits may need to be eaten in smaller portions because they have higher levels of protein. For example, bananas contain more protein than other fruits, so a serving size larger than roughly half of one is not considered protein free.

For lunch and dinner, a low protein diet might contain vegetables like tomatoes, carrots and cucumber, as well as healthy fats like olive oil and coconut oil. However, some vegetables will need to be consumed in smaller amounts because they contain higher levels of protein. If you eat more than 3 small mushrooms or 2 spears of asparagus the protein in these foods will need to be counted. Additionally, vegetables like sweet potato, pumpkin and broccoli should be consumed in very small amounts because they contain higher levels of protein.

For some high protein foods, like egg whites or pasta, there are low protein alternatives. These options increase the variety of foods available to those on a low protein diet.

Low protein food recipes

There are a number of low protein recipes available for those who are just getting started with their low protein diet, or who want to try something different. A low protein meal does not have to compromise on flavour, so we’ve put together a selection that’s suitable for everyone’s taste buds.

For breakfast, who doesn’t love pancakes or freshly baked bread for toast. For lunch, why not try our veggie nuggets, they are a crowd pleaser! If you’re after something warm and wholesome, our vegetable curry. All occasions no matter how big or small deserve celebrating! Whether it’s a graduation party or a birthday, you will want to have some cupcakes on hand, or even a birthday cake!

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