TYR Lophlex Powder

TYR Lophlex is a phenylalanine and tyrosine-free amino acid based powdered protein substitute, containing a balanced mix of essential and non-essential amino acids, docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), vitamins, trace elements and some minerals.

Available in Neutral Flavour

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  • Contains a phenylalanine and tyrosine-free free protein (amino acids), carbohydrate, essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements
  • Very low volume –1 sachet (28g) made up to just 80ml of liquid provides a whole 20g of protein equivalent (PE)!
  • Very low calorie – only 98 calories per 20g PE
  • Ideal to use while traveling as an alternative to liquids


For the dietary management of tyrosinaemia (TYR) in children aged 3 years onwards and adults, including pregnant women (in conjunction with standard folic acid supplementation).

Direction of use

  • 28g powder (1 sachet) made up with 65ml water to give a final volume of approximately 80ml.
  • The quantity and dilution of this product can be adapted to the tolerance and preferences of the individual under supervision of a clinician or dietitian.
  • Wash your hands and clean all utensils.
  • Measure the recommended amount of cold water into a container with a screw top lid.
  • Empty the contents of 1 sachet into the container.
  • Seal and shake well until the powder is dissolved.
  • TYR Lophlex is best prepared with chilled water and consumed immediately after preparation.
  • It can also be taken as a more concentrated drink, additional water or diluted drinks must be consumed at the same time.
  • Do not boil and do not use a microwave oven to heat, do not freeze.

Nutrition Information

Format Powder
Presentation 28g Sachet
Flavour Neutral
Age Range 3 years onwards and adults, including pregnant women
Protein g 71.4/100g, 20/28g
Energy Kcal 350/100g, 98/28g


  • Store in a cool dry place.

Important Information

Nutricia products are intended for the nutritional management of diseases and related medical conditions and therefore should be used under medical supervision.