Phlexy-10 Tablets

Phlexy-10 Tablets are tablets free from phenylalanine but containing a balanced mixture of essential and non-essential amino acids.

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  • Unflavoured
  • Phenylalanine-free
  • Ten tablets contain 8.3g of protein equivalent
  • Contains a balanced mixture of essential and non-essential amino acids (Phe-free protein)
  • Requires an additional source of vitamins, minerals and trace elements


For the dietary management of proven PKU in children from eight years of age and adults.

Direction for Use

  • Consume as directed.
  • Water or diluted drinks must be taken at the same time.

Nutrition Information

Format Tablet
Presentation 75 tablets per tub
Flavour Unflavoured
Age Range 8 years and over
Protein g 83.3/100 tabs, 8.3/10 tabs
Energy Kcal 453/100 tabs, 45/10 tabs


  • Store in a cool dry place.

Important Information

Nutricia products are intended for the nutritional management of diseases and related medical conditions and therefore should be used under medical supervision.